Ghost or Creeper?

Last night while I was at work I got a random text from my roommate Carrie thanking me for folding her laundry. Which I didn’t do….and I told her that it must have been our other roommate Payton….which apparently she didn’t do it either. I was home sleeping at the time curled up in my comfy bed with my dog, Paige.

ImagePaige started growling and barking and I didn’t think anything of it when I heard someone in the hallway doing laundry I just thought maybe one of my roommates were off work early. I was wrong….

ImageThey were both at work during this time!!!! ….so I start racking my brain…..oh yea my Mom has a key….maybe she came to my house and did some laundry even though it’s like a 30 minute drive for her….maybe she was bored?!?!…


Nope!! It wasn’t her either of course she tries to make light of the situation and says maybe I was sleep laundering. Oh, how I wish! Then my Mom using all her logic comes up with a legitimate explanation….


The dryer has a self timer and did it itself…..hahaha if only it had a self timer then maybe, but it also took itself out of the dryer and folded itself? Give me a break! When I told her the rest of the details she proceeded to tell me that it was my dog that did the laundry…sure I would totally believe that Mom if she wouldn’t have been curled up next to me in bed at the time.



Either we have a ghost which in that case I’m moving out or a creeper that likes to break into people’s houses and do laundry? Needless to say we are all a little freaked out.

What would you do in this situation?…

I’m sleeping with a butcher knife until I invest in other means of protection!


Finals Rant!?!?!

Today was the day for my math final and I have been doing extremely awesome in this class with a B average! I have always been horrible at math so I felt like a genius, until today!! I studied my ass off all semester long and comprehended and retained most of the information. I also had an excellent math professor (shout out to Mr. Blackston).

When I was handed that blue exam paper today and read that first question and in my mind it looked something like this…

1. If a dinosaur goes on a walk and meets a cow but then gets divided by Frankenstein how many kangaroos are in Australia?


WTF!!! When in the heck did I learn this shit? So I leave it blank and decided to come back to it after I’ve went through the rest of the exam.

Then I get to the next question which in my mind looks something like this….

2. If you throw a donkey in the air at what height did the donkey drink orange juice? How many seconds after the donkey drank orange juice did he land?


You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

I realized that this is what most college finals are like the prepare you all semester long for stuff you didn’t even take the time to really learn. The review sheet he handed us had 50 million things that weren’t even on the exam that we went over..over and over and over again!! All I have to say is thank goodness we are one semesters now where exams are only 25% of your grade instead of quarters where they were 50% of your final grade!!!

Shew! I’m glad that class is over with….oh wait I still have 3 more math classes to go!!

*~Random Post~*

Today is Sunday and it’s 10:00 A.M. and we just had a long break from work for Thanksgiving. Anything over a day off is a long break for me with my work schedule. Anyway I’m still laying in bed and have no plans of getting up anytime soon in fact I’ll probably go back to sleep again before I decide to get up. I sleep so much when I get the chance, because I sleep so little any other time with work and school….anyway enough babbling and to the point!

As I lay here it’s times like this that make me miss having a significant other…not because I want to wake up next to them or anything like that. It’s because I’m hungry as hell and I miss having someone around to make me food when I’m hungry or at least going to get McDonald’s and something from Starbucks.

I also started to think about the other times that I miss having a significant other….

  1. When it’s freezing cold outside and I had someone to carry in the groceries or pump my gas.
  2. Someone to warm up my car and scrape the windshield…anything involved with me having to freeze my ass off I miss having a significant other.
  3. When I’m not home and I need someone to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer
  4. When I’m hungry… this pretty much applies all day long for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, second dinner, snack, second breakfast, and etc.
  5. Back Massages, foot massage…any massage really.
  6. When I hear that loud noise in the middle of the night and I want them to check it out…that way if it is something they’d be stuck fighting it off while I’m getting the hell out of the way. Yes, I would totally sacrifice my boyfriend to get away from a monster!
  7. Someone to lay on the outside of the bed just in case someone comes to take me out of bed they would have to take them first and I might have a chance of getting away.
  8. When you’re walking and you see that creepy guy with rapist eyes it’s always nice to have someone to hide behind. That way if the creeper comes after you just sacrifice your boyfriend as rape bait and get away! Image

I guess if you ever want to be in a relationship with me you have to be willing to be sacrificed ….that’s just how it has to be. 😛

Peace, Love and 5 Boyfriends!

ImageRemember when you were young enough that it totally didn’t matter how many boyfriends or girlfriends you had? You could have a different one every single day and no one would say anything.

It was the summer before I started 2nd grade. I was outside playing in front of my house one day when a group of kids went strolling by. A couple of them were older and a couple around my age and the girl around my age Nicole started talking to me. She told me that she had just moved there and was looking for friends, she invited me to the school to play basketball with her and all of her brothers and sisters. It was completely safe to talk to strangers then and not have to worry about the consequences later. My Grandpa came out and met the older kids and agreed to let me go play. Nicole and I were inseparable after that all the way up until we hit 6th grade.

I attended a school in my hometown called George Washington the building I attended elementary in is no longer there. When school started that fall there were so many new kids entering the city school system and lots of boys!! Well we use to get recess back then too (how I miss those days) they gave us a morning recess and an afternoon recess. Nicole and I would play at recess and see who could get the most boyfriends so we would go around asking the little boys we thought were cute to be our boyfriends. I remember having 5 boyfriends at one time! I was big pimpin’ back then! Sometimes we also asked the same boys and had to share boyfriends, but we weren’t the only one playing this game. There was this boy named Brad and when we asked him he said, “yeah of course, but you have to be okay with my 3 other girlfriends.” Everyone wanted to be Brad’s girlfriend he was the cutest boy in second grade! We would all lock arms with Brad in the middle of all of us girlfriends and walk around recess together. Everything was so simple there truly was peace, love, and happiness. 🙂

It’s not quite that simple now that I’m older. I would probably punch someone right in the throat if they came home and told me they had 3 other girlfriends. Now that I’m older something like that causes wars and deaths!! I don’t think most people in this country would be okay with that unless you’re a polygamist or study polyandry.

Remembering when we were so innocent…or not! :-)

I was probably in preschool when I had my first backyard wedding with my first preschool love. My mom put me in her old wedding dress which of course was huge on me since I was really young and they dressed Brandon all up and had a fake little wedding for us in the backyard.  My Mom and his mom were best friends growing up and he was the first indication that I was totally into men. His name was Brandon and I would get so excited when he would come over and play and we stayed at each others houses (this is where you went wrong mom…letting me stay with boys that young!) we would stay up all night dancing and singing to Spice Girls. Which I’m pretty sure his Mom video taped this and if I had the footage I would definitely share it. I remember for Brandon’s birthday I found a rock and painted it a sparkling green for him, because that was his favorite color. My first love ha ha.

Not very long after this I started noticing boys were moving into my neighborhood!!! There was Richie that lived next door….there was Kyle that lived next to Richie and a boy named Nick that lived diagonally across the street and you bet I had a crush on all of them!!!

Richie was my first encounter with a bad boy and a trouble maker! We were out back swimming one day in his swimming pool which was one of those blow up swimming pools and he hands me a fork (I’m not sure why he had the fork anyway) and he told me he dared me to pop his swimming pool with it… Now of course I didn’t want to let him down I’m only preschool/kindergarten age and he was a little older than I was…so I took that fork out of his hand and stabbed that pool right in the side with it and it started to deflate. Guess what Richie did?!?! He Cried!!! He was crying so much and went and told his parents not saying that he told me to do it and of course his parents told my grandpa. My grandpa watched me during the day while my Mom worked or slept. I told my grandpa exactly what happened and he laughed taking my side and got into an argument with Richie’s family. I wasn’t allowed to play with Richie for awhile after that.

Kyle was my age and his sister Morgan was my brothers age so we all played together for hours! There isn’t much to say about this one his parents were pretty strict and he had to be in bed at like 6 or 7 p.m. but he was one of my first crushes. He didn’t like girls though …at least at that age. He was the first guy to ever reject me.

Then there was Nick…I first met Nick, because of his sister Kelsey. Kelsey was probably for or five years older than me, but I didn’t care it was nice having a girl to play barbies and school with. Well one day when I was over at Kelsey’s house this boy that was my age came walking in while we were playing and we all started playing games together along with my younger brother and Kelsey’s friend Megan. Nick was also my first kiss. I kissed him right on the cheek one day while we were playing of course he makes a face and wipes it off of his cheek. I wish I was as gutsy now as I was back then. Nick and I ended up becoming best friends and we entered first grade together in the same class! It didn’t take long for our love to be ruined by a girl named Amy. Nick and Amy liked each other and I was super jealous. I remember one day he went to sit by her during story time and I sat right in between them…like uh nope that’s my boyfriend. Amy threw a fit and pouted. She got her way! Nick liked her and wanted to sit by her. Amy and I later became the best of friends throughout first grade.

Ahh the good old days 🙂